Here are some resources that help us think, as parents, on how to show respect to our children so we can receive respect in return. Click on the picture to access video.

How to Get Your Kids to Listen and Engage 10 min 42 sec.
What happens when we include our children in the conversations they have a stake in? Once a psychotherapist, now a coach and consultant, Kris uses her intuitive insight, diagnostic skills and business savvy to help her clients discover their Natural Genius Factor™ and use it to excel in business and create harmonious family relationships. She’s helped hundreds of women and men learn to calm their little voices in their heads and follow their intuition to create powerful results personally and professionally. She is the author of “Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper,” and the creator of “Align Your Design at Home & Work.”
Be there for your child, listen and never shout 12 min 15 secs.
Páll has a clear message for parents: Let’s stop shouting at our children. We need to see them and hear them. Páll Ólafsson is a husband, father of five children and also a grandfather. He is a social worker and has worked in child protection. Currently, he works at the Governmental Agency of Child Protection in Iceland. Among other fields, he studied Restitution from Diane Gossen, Judy Anderson and others – their way of thinking and behaving inspired him and his family’s lifestyle.
Article about What is Respect and Highly Effective Ways To Teach Kids Respect.